how to be okay reading for eight straight hours:

1. read on your deck sitting in your brand new auction find: the rosette wrought iron table
2. instead of reading on the deck, actually talk on the phone for 2 hours
3. instead of reading, walk a mile to the nearest library and look at books of photographs for 2 more hours
4. read one chapter of a densely worded technology text book with obscure cover art
5. watch this:

6. read another chapter of said book
7. watch this again:

8. gab on the phone some more
9. wait until 9 pm to polish off the final 50 pages of dense textbook
10. watch this one more time and weep with joy:

(I’ve showed this to some people but it just had to be commemorated via the blog. I literally cannot get enough of the knife licking and shirt ripping. genius!)

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this with Warren who shared it with Shark who shared it with me–I think sharing it via blog might actually make the world a better place.

  2. says

    amy i lov eyour sense of humor! i so needed to laugh and was NOT expecting the knife lick -and in the first 3 seconds. i wanted to restrain myself because there were 3 other people in the office and i’m just borrowing hte computer during my lunch break. got to go infact! -big BACIO for you!

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