Mini Donkeys!!!

We first fell in love with these adorably soft critters at the Iowa State Fair and we had to know more. So, for Labor Day, Warren and I drove down a series of dirt roads to get to a lovely farm called Sunny G Acres (owned by the wonderful Carmen & Dorie) to visit a herd of 60 mini donkeys. First we met Sunbun, a brand new jenny who spends most of her time hopping and butting into things. (Caution, the next few pictures may cause your heart to melt into a pile of goo. You were warned).

Then we went to meet the rest of the girls and were immediately mobbed by a bunch of super friendly, super silky donkeys. They love attention and fall over themselves for affection. Note: When visiting your own herd of mini donkeys, don’t be dumb and wear sandals like we did. Their hooves are tiny but mighty.

Dorie then introduced us to Xena, their high maintenance zedonk. With the promise of treats, Xena did some tricks for us, like standing on a bucket and waving.

Finally, Dorie let us take Cupcake around her obstacle course (it’s something the mini donkeys are tested on when they compete at the horse fair). Basically, it was the best Labor Day ever.

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    heart=goo. Those are adorable! and I like Warren's shirt…my parents went to the Superbowl in 1996 and it was the Steelers vs the Cowboys. I was rooting for the Steelers. Sadly they lost. 🙁

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    what the sheer awesomeness? i've heard of mini-horses and mini-cows, but never mini-donkeys! how great are they? i want one… or at least i want to see one up close and personal.

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