One of the major reasons why I wanted to come to Korea was so I could see my adoption file (which you can only view in person). Our lovely social worker at Holt Post Adoption Services went through everything with us, including the photos my parents sent to win Holt over. If you are considering adoption, you may want to buy outfits like the following. They just scream “RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN!”
After we went through my file, we visited the the Reception Center (where children who are about to be adopted live). It was cuteness overload.

I mean, ridiculously adorable, right?
And today, thanks to our friend Seon, we were able to visit an actual orphanage in his hometown, Cheonan. At first the kids were not too sure about us. But it turns out that a lot can be fixed with a bribe of donuts, stickers, and plastic dinosaurs…
The following is what the kids looked like at the end of our visit…sticker mania:
This kid was having the time of his life with Warren (I’m pretty sure Warren wanted to bring him home…maybe next time đŸ™‚
Seon not only arranged the orphanage visit, but also took us out to a divine lunch, AND figured out how to get us to the orphanage where I lived as a baby (in Suwon). We will be visiting on Wednesday–details to come! So a massive thank you to Seon, who was an amazing host and a dedicated Hawkeyes fan!

Back in Seoul, we decided to eat as the locals do in Namdaemun Market.

Bottoms up!
We’re still not sure what this is…decor? Food? Aliens?
Warren, despite his seafood aversion, even braved mussel soup AND pajeon (seafood pancake). It was glorious!

And, of course, we had to have fruit-on-a-stick for dessert. Perfection.

All in a day’s work…

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  1. says

    This is so great that you get to do this. I love the picture of your parents! I'm curious if what you saw is similar to the conditions you were in when your parents came to get you. Do they still do a lot of international adoptions?

    Also, the decor/food/aliens is so creepy! Haha!

  2. says

    Your trip looks amazing…so glad you guys are having a great time – I can't wait read more about it and see more photos!!!

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