DC Reunion…Seoul-Style!

Even though this is our first time in Korea, we’ve seen a lot of familiar faces. For instance, we walked into church last week and saw three folks from an old DC ward. Today we had lunch with one of them, Corinna, and she treated us to a fabulous pork BBQ (see how happy this pig is carrying a pumpkin??)

We then went on a self-guided walking tour of Seoul–we wandered through Gyeongbuk Palace. Seoul’s mascot is a haechi (a guardian of sorts) and you can see very adorable cartoon-y ones all over construction signs. But here’s a more noble looking haechi right outside the palace.
We made some policemen nervous around the Blue House (Korea’s White House) with our illegal picture-taking ways (apparently you can only take pictures directly in front of the Blue House).
Down the road, we found ourselves in the uber ritzy but lovely Samcheong-dong. Home of the illustrious owl museum and, apparently, Little Paris, complete with its own Le Petit Prince Cafe and delicious macaroons.

Finally, we hiked past embassy row to the top of Gahoe-dong, a neighborhood filled with hanok (traditional Korean houses).

It was gorgeous and peaceful with stellar views of Seoul.

And super cool wall art made from terra cotta roof tiles:

And a dragon!

Last but not least, we saw some creepy/cool subway station art. Like this faceless profile that looks like its shooting laser mosaics from its eyes…

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