I’ve Got Seoul But I’m Not A Soldier

We just got back from a little jaunt to Gyeongju–home of the former Shilla kingdom (which lasted 1,000 years) and tons of tombs–and Haein-sa, an absolutely glorious Buddhist temple tucked way up in the mountains. Needless to say, we hiked a whole lot. But the views were so worth it.

Besides the busloads of screaming schoolkids, the temples were literally awesome. Seeing the epic views around us made me understand why so many people seeking sacred experiences head to a mountain. Not that we were wholly on the holy side, which we sadly prove in the following photos of me being an Asian tourist and Warren guarding the gates…

But Warren and I felt right at home with our chatty octogenarian bus mates (60+ being our demographic of choice for most of our dates).

To prove this point, Warren really wanted to join a game of goh (when we returned to Seoul, we stumbled across this park filled with old men and goh boards–very cool)

We’re back in Seoul for the next few days and so far it’s been amazing. We’re staying in a great little neighborhood called Insadong. Here are a few of my favorite random street moments:

1) Silk Worms + French Fries. Why not, right?

2) Hello Kitty street in Hongdae, complete with its own pink cafe!

3) A bouquet of plastic pigs? You shouldn’t have!

4) One of these things is not like the other…

5) Farm scene in the middle of the city

And just FYI, waffles are HUGE right now, though not as huge as Warren’s delight…

Basically, we <3 Seoul!

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    I am loving following your trip! Korea looks awesome. You would have sold me just with those plastic pigs! What a great adventure.

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