The World Comes to Jeju…And Jeju Goes to the World

So we just got back from the glorious Jeju Island, famed for its “stone, women, and wind.” And it did not disappoint. Jeju is basically Warren’s and my dream come true–it’s like RoadsideAmerica, Korean style. Our most heroic move was renting a car, which Warren drove like a champ.

One of the first things that caught our eye after we left the Loveland (yes, seriously) parking lot was a feisty little statue park starring imps like him:

We visited an ancient nutmeg forest and took the obligatory heart shaped rock photo to add to our growing collection:

And of course we had to pull over to check out the roe deer wonderland. Warren was definitely a deer whisperer:

One of our goals was to eat some of the famed black pig, which we did with gusto:

Though afterwards we saw one of the little guys alive and kickin’ and felt some remorse…though not too much (that pig is as tasty as it is ADORABLE):

Not to worry, we also visited some of the normal things, like the gorgeous Cheonjiyeon waterfall, home of the mottled eel:

We climbed Sunrise Peak–TWICE (the first time was too misty to see much):

And, as if to prove Jeju’s magical powers, we were finally able to see the end of a rainbow:

Last but not least, we devoured some sea cucumber freshly picked (and slaughtered) by the island’s amazing haenyo, or women divers:

When I grow up, I want to be just like her:

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  1. says

    I found your blog and have enjoyed reading so much about your journey to Korea…our daughter was born in Jeju and we brought her home this past summer…I loved seeing the pics from the home of her birth…our hope to go back to Korea with her when she is older so that she can experience it all for herself.
    Best wishes…and those waffles are great arent' they??

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