morocco trip itinerary
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Yes, friends, Warren and I are boarding a plane heading to Morocco. In a moment of sheer brilliance I created a verb phrase for our upcoming travel adventures: MoROCK’n It. It is the perfect response to virtually any question. Observe:
Q: What are you doing for your summer vacation?
A: Not much, just MoROCK’n It so hard you’ll cry.
Q: Can I put you on hold for the zillionth time?
A: Why not, I’ll be MoROCK’n It while you’ll still be sitting in your sad, soul-crushing cubicle.
Q: Why can’t you just be normal?
A: Don’t know, don’t care because I be MoROCK’n It, yo.
Which leads me to the one and only question MoROCK’n It cannot answer: How are there not a million T-shirts with this phrase on it already? While I didn’t have time to create matching freezer paper MoROCK’n IT shirts in honor of our trip you can bet your bottom dollar that I have chanted it an infinite amount of times while doing a brilliant little jig–much to Warren’s utter chagrin.
Here’s how we envision the whole Morocco trip going down–well, after attending Lia and Heath’s lovely wedding in Brooklyn, Warren’s conference in Zaragoza, Spain, and every Gaudi structure in Barcelona, which just happens to be one of my favorite cities in the entire world:

morocco trip itinerary

Let me just say that we will be camel trekking through the Sahara Desert at some point during all that. Awesome, right? 
And all of this is to say that things might get a little quite around Club Narwhal. But don’t you worry, there will still be amazing Dog-Earred Pages recommendations and perhaps a few recipes sprinkled in to tide you over. I cannot wait to share our adventures with you when we return!

If you missed any stops along the way, check them out below!
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