chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue
Chefchaouen | Morocco – There is really no reason for a city to be as beautiful as Chefchaouen. One look at this lovely blue alley and it is no wonder why we fell in love with this town. Every single inch of Chefchaouen presents a scene more charming than the next. 
After our Sahara Desert camel trek, we took a bus up to Fez. And let me just tell you that twelve hours in a cramped bus devoid of air conditioning and sun shades but quite abundant in loud Moroccan radio is enough to kill anyone’s soul. 

chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue

We arrived tired, dirty, and cranky. Fez did not help. We were not impressed with the steep cobbled streets littered in donkey dung. Nor were we fans of the aggressive street hustlers that tailed us for blocks demanding money–so different from the jovial hustlers of Marrakesh. While we managed to laugh off the hustlers (who left us alone only after calling us “stuck up”), we were desperate to get out. 
chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue
Enter Chefchaouen. We heard about this beautiful blue city by reading a blog post by Notre Vie Au Maroc but had ruled it out because it was far away and we only had one more day in Morocco. We could either spend that one day in Fez, our least favorite Moroccan city, or bus to the mountains where clean air, kind people, and peaceful medinas waited. Tough choice. 
chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue

Chefchaouen, especially compared to Fez, was a wonder. We woke up early and decided to wander around. The whole city was still asleep and we had the town to ourselves. 
things to do in morocco, chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue
And yes, I want to paint every door this precise, gorgeous shade of blue. 
things to do morocco, chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue

After telling a merchant how much we loved Chefchaouen, he told us to “find the fountain” because it would make us love Chefchaouen even more. Despite his vague directions, we found the fountain. It turned out to be a small river trickling down the side of the mountain to a pool of water where local women washed clothes and rugs. Let’s not forget the gorgeous view of the city. 

things to do morocco, chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue

things to do morocco, chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue

The spices of Chefchaouen.

things to do morocco, chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue

And here’s Warren blending in seamlessly with his surroundings–yet again. Chefchaouen was an utter dream and we could have spent a few more days there. At the very least, we wish it were close enough to spend weekends there hiking and exploring and relaxing. It is probably the most perfect location for a writer’s retreat that I can imagine. 
things to do morocco, chefchaouen morocco, the blue city, morocco blue

From Chefchaouen we took a bus to Tangier (my life coach, Jason Bourne, would be so proud–even if I didn’t chase anyone across medina rooftops) and then boarded a night train back down to Marrakesh where we hopped on a plane back to Barcelona, on to Dusseldorf, then to JFK where we landed, shuttled to La Guardia and finally arrived home to Detroit. That was one long Memorial Day but man, was it  worth it. 
Morocco was one amazing adventure after another and I cannot believe this long awaited trip is over. At least I can relive it in pictures over and over again. Thank you so much for letting me share some of our favorites with you.
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  1. says

    WOOWW!! What a beautiful city! @ that view of the city is absolutely stunning! I can see why you love it. I like how it's all blue… I wonder how they decided to paint their town that colour. If I ever have a town of my own, I may choose the colour pink, neon pink. =P
    Happy Monday!!

    • says

      Joanne, I love the idea of painting a town of your own and neon pink seems like an ideal choice! I think I would go with a bright sunny yellow, though coral never hurts.

  2. says

    Those pictures are incredible! What an amazing city. I'm so glad you wrote the weekly updates about your trip — I loved reading them all and hearing about your adventure.

    • says

      Thanks, Carolyn! I know you guys must have Morocco post fatigue so that was definitely the last one. But I have been terrible keeping a regular journal so at least I'll have these blog posts to remember things by ๐Ÿ™‚ It's so fun to relive the Moroccan magic!

  3. says

    Amy!!! I have loved loved loved reading your posts. Your pictures are particularly incredible. You captured so much through posts! Thank you for sharing. I have only been to Marrakesh but was pretty enchanted by the whole experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      Katharine, you are the best! Marrakesh is pretty enchanting and I hope you get to explore Morocco again (I am keeping a mental checklist of more Morocco places I want to visit in the future). I loved seeing your adventures in Europe!

  4. says

    Woah. Woah. Woah. I am dying over here. First, Morocco is going back on the short list to visit, way sooner than later. Second, your photos are stunning! I am loving all of the blue….the different hues and shades! It is so beautiful!!

    Thanks for joining us for Travel Tuesday! Can't wait to see what you post next week!

    • says

      Thanks, Belinda (and for hosting)! I have been devouring your blog and can't wait to see more of your adventures ๐Ÿ™‚ Morocco definitely should be propelled to the top of your short list. It is absolutely gorgeous and amazing!

  5. says

    Omg Amy, I have been lost in your blog for the last 24 hours…I love it! You take such beautiful pics!! Thanks for commenting on my blog post…in return, I found your fabulous blog over which I can OBSESS!!! Can't wait to live vicariously through more of your adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. says

    This is incredible, Amy! What an amazing city! Take that Fez — your dung-covered streets are no match for charm and tranquility. Love this. Love you. So glad your trip was so memorable! Lots of notes taken.

    • says

      Chefchaouen was seriously a dream come true (and definitely one to add to your travel bucket list). Warren and I still dream about Iceland and hope to get there soon to follow up on the great recommendations you gave me!

  7. says

    I actually kept saying 'wow' while reading your post and looking through those photos. The colours are amazing! A really inspiring travel post! I have that now moved to the top of my list for sure! I hope you link up again next week too!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

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