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I have a serious thing for tacos, as you might remember from when I waxed poetic over these Slow Cooker Carnitas. Luckily, we live a short drive away from Detroit’s Mexicantown. I love how improbably placed this little Mexican alcove is situated–Canada is a stone’s throw across the river and Detroit’s Irish neighborhood, Corktown, lies just a few blocks away. 

Mexicantown Detroit | Things to Do - clubnarwhal.blogspot.com

While there are scads of great taco places sprinkled around Mexicantown, we went to Taqueria Lupita when we first moved to Michigan and have not looked back. Their tacos al pastor are a thing of beauty. We have serious goals to eat our way through Mexicantown but when you come across something so good and so cheap it’s really hard to imagine that something better awaits.

Mexicantown Detroit | Lupita's Taqueria
Mexicantown Detroit | Things to Do - clubnarwhal.blogspot.com
La Gloria Bakery is the jolliest looking building in the area. Pepto-Bismol pink, it practically frolics with its dancing churros. And, yes, the churros are delicious.
Mexicantown Detroit | La Gloria Bakery
Our new favorite haunt is Neveria La Miachocana, a delightful ice cream parlor that specializes in the most mouth watering sorbets and agua frescas. Their coconut sorbet is hard to beat, as is their mango agua fresca.  

Mexicantown Detroit | La Neveria Michacana
Stepping into La Michoacana is like stepping back in time with its checkerboard floor and hand painted signs. It is the perfect place to escape the summer sun. 
What’s your favorite neighborhood where you live?
Mexicantown Detroit | La Neveria Michacana

Taqueria Lupitas: 3443 Bagley Avenue. Cash only.
La Gloria Bakery: 3345 Bagley Avenue. 
Neveria La Michoacana: 4336 W. Vernor Highway. Open 10 AM – 10 PM daily. 
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