Eastern Market Panzanella - Detroit's finest produce comes together in this easy and elegant panzanella, Italian bread salad. Click through to watch the video. |

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Detroit’s Eastern Market is seriously amazing. I could spend hours getting lost in the hundreds of stalls. And because I love it so much, I created another video just for you. In it, my friend Kendra and I shop for the finest produce to make panzanella, which is just a fancy way to say really delicious Italian bread salad.
My lovely friend, Emeline, made a version of this panzanella when we visited her family in Chicago a few weeks ago. So this could also be called Emeline’s Panzanella, which has a very charming ring to it. So without further ado, I bring you Eastern Market (or Emeline’s) Panzanella.

And thank you so much for your kind words about my first food video, Biggest Loser Pancakes 3 Ways. You gave me such courage to get out of my comfort zone. I have a few more food videos up my sleeve in the coming weeks so get excited. 

Click on over to Visit Detroit’s awesome blog to get the full recipe for Eastern Market Panzanella. 
And because no post about Detroit’s Eastern Market is complete without showcasing some of its amazing murals, I bring you Super Chicken and the Happiest Ham in the World. Also, you must eat at Russell Street Deli if you are in town. The fresh squeezed orange juice is so good it rivals Marrakesh’s delicious juice stalls.  P.S. I am kind of in love with my new red glasses. They make life so much jazzier.
Eastern Market Detroit - Explore Detroit's largest farmer's market. Click through to watch the video. |
And let’s not forget the awesome DeVries & Co., a really great general store in the heart of Eastern Market. Did I mention the amazing murals? That veggie cow is both terrifying and amazing, so it obviously makes the best possible icon for Eastern Market. 

Eastern Market Detroit - Explore Detroit's largest farmer's market and Devries General Store. Click through to watch the video. |

I love Detroit so much it hurts. And since I’ve been binge-watching West Wing like a crazy lady, I am also feeling terribly patriotic these days. This photo makes me glad to be a metro Detroiter. You can check out more of our Detroit adventures here. I also wrote about 6 Awesome Things to Do in Detroit on Everyday Reading’s lovely feature, A Whirlwind Weekend. Eastern Market makes an appearance, obvi.  
Eastern Market Detroit - Explore Detroit's largest farmer's market. Click through to watch the video. |
Here’s one last shot of the panzanella because why not? It is seriously so good and so easy. Get the recipe at Visit Detroit!

Eastern Market Panzanella - Detroit's finest produce comes together in this easy and elegant panzanella, Italian bread salad. Click through to watch the video. |

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  1. says

    Well done! I love both of your food videos so far–do you shoot and edit them yourself? Have you been practicing, building up to this? Because they're seriously great.

    Just a few more days until I get to see the Andersons!

    • says

      Thanks, Jared! I am loving the whole food video thing. I use my trusty Canon Elph point and shoot to film and edit them in Windows Movie Maker. Nothing fancy but it's right about my level of tech saviness 🙂 Warren also does a lot of the filming, which is totally helpful. So excited to see you guys in all your wedded bliss!

  2. says

    Impressive! I didn't know you did food videos–more please. I am honored that my name made it onto your lovely blog, especially if it's connected to good food. Also, I like that song.

  3. says

    Okay, so I am not a cook at all, but there's something about when you mention food that makes it seem possible for me! Like I made tzazitki the other day and was amazed! And this seems so simple, yet delicious and fresh! And it makes me want to do it and it looks like something I can do! (And considering I'm the least cooking person out of everyone I know — for real — this is nothing short of amazing!) I thought the video was a great way to present a recipe, I really enjoyed getting to see the market, and I love the photos after it.

    I've only been to Detroit really once (if you don't include leaving from the airport, which I don't). But I know there's more to the city that deserves to be seen and this makes it so enticing! Thanks Amy!


    • says

      This one really is so simple. If you can cut something with a knife you can totally make this 🙂 I learned how to cook as an adult so I totally understand where you're coming from 🙂 I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Hopefully you'll make it down to Detroit now that you're back in Michigan!

  4. says

    Brilliant video! I've never made one before but I think I want you to teach me everything you know 😉

    My dad was from Detroit and his family still lives there, so I recognized some of the locally produced products. Looks like a great market!

    And that panzanella looks amazing! Great job, girl…

    • says

      Thanks, Allie! You should definitely try a food video. With your mad photographic skillz, you will make beautiful ones. And that's so fun that you got to see some familiar sights. I love Detroit 🙂

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