Teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea - Antoine de Saint-Exupery #quotes
Okay, so Lake Huron isn’t exactly the sea but when we stood on its craggy shores and followed the endless horizon it sure felt like it. Last week I took you around Indian Head Cove and The Grotto in Canada’s gorgeous Bruce Peninsula. Today I want to show you some of the sights and sounds of lower Bruce. 
Bruce Peninsula - Sauble Beach #Canada #travel #beach
Sauble Beach is one of those quaint, adorable, one-block downtown beach towns that I can’t help loving at first sight. I imagine this place is a bustling party during the summer but I have always liked the lonely nature of stormy beaches. And don’t you just dig that retro welcome sign? 
Bruce Peninsula - Sauble Beach #Canada #travel #beach
First take, ya’ll. 
Bruce Peninsula - Sauble Beach #Canada #travel #beach
Bruce Peninsula - Sauble Beach #Canada #travel #beach
Fall hit Canada big time and we totally approved. 
Bruce Peninsula - Gorgeous Fall Colors #fall #cananda #travel
In fact, we were so enthralled by the beauty around us that we almost missed these bad boys. Happy Halloween, Mater! I know more than a few littles who would have happily ended the trip on this high note. 
Disney's Cars Dressed Up for Halloween #disney #halloween
We stopped for dinner at Lion’s Head one and only 50’s Diner. Definitely random but super fun. Sidebar: one day I want a black and white checkered floor. Just saying. 
Bruce Peninsula - Lion's Head 50s Diner
And we could not stop singing the praises of Chickadee Cabin, an AirBnB score that was right on every single level. Nestled right into the woods, this little forest retreat made the weekend even more awesome. If you are in the Lion’s Head area, definitely book with Lin. She and her husband built the cabin to house artists and visitors from all over the world.
Bruce Peninsula - Chickadee Cabin
Getting caught in the wind by Lion’s Head lighthouse, a pretty awesome replica built by local high school students. 
Bruce Peninsula - Lion's Head #canada #travel
Bruce Peninsula - Lion's Head
So, so cozy. 
Bruce Peninsula - Cozy Cabin #cozy #fall
Long story short, Bruce Peninsula is basically the bee’s knees and we wouldn’t mind visiting every year in any season. I’ll show you the last stop on our trip next week–Tobermory, a lovely town at the very tippy top of Bruce Peninsula. Fish and chips abound.

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