Cuzco | Peru #travel #peru
Oh, Cuzco! What a glorious town. We’re finally getting around to organizing our Peru photos and I just had to share some of our favorites from the children’s dance festival we happened upon our first day there. PS: can you spot Waldo–I mean, Warren–below? He always finds a way to blend seamlessly with the locals (remember his sweet scarf from our camel trek in Morocco?).

Cuzco, Peru | Children's Folk Dance Festival #travel #peru
(Oh, and those giant yarn pom poms on the above sticks? Yep, they were on absolutely everything and totally inspired the yarn tassels from my Pie & Tie Dye party.)
For the weeks leading up to Inti Raymi, Cuzco’s famous Festival of the Sun, the streets fill with children dressed to the nines in gorgeous traditional costumes. The feather headdresses were probably my favorite, maybe because they reminded me of the amazing gilles that abound for Belgium’s Carnaval de Binche. 
Cuzco, Peru | Children's Folk Dance Festival #travel #peru
We loved chatting with the kids and seeing them ham it up for the camera. They were all so pumped to perform (and were understandably excited to show off their beautiful costumes and moves to us camera-clicking tourists).
Cuzco, Peru | Children's Folk Dance Festival #travel #peru
Seeing the streets filled with vibrant costumes and traditional music was the most perfect way to be introduced to Peru. Warren said that Cuzco was way more charming this time around. From henceforth, we are only traveling to countries that welcome summer solstice with dancing kids!
Cuzco, Peru | Children's Folk Dance Festival #travel #peru
One of the things I loved most about Cuzco was seeing the layers of history on every single street. Colonial (and sometimes contemporary) buildings sat atop ancient Incan walls. Modern mixed with traditional in nearly every sense–clothes, food, music, language.
Cuzco | Peru #travel #peru
Cuzco | Peru #travel #peru
And the alpacas on every corner didn’t hurt, especially holding the little ones! Which, as a side note: I desperately need. I can’t even with that little cap.
These kids…they just made me smile so hard! They gamely suffered through my remedial high school Spanish and graciously answered my millions of questions with equally massive grins. And I was a little obsessed with their embroidered skirts and shawls. So lovely.
And you might recognize this kiddo from Instagram. The sun was so bright that it was impossible to see what we were taking pictures of so seeing his hilarious-ness after the fact was amazing. What a little sass.
I’m really trying to restrain myself and not post one billionty photos of Peru so I’m going to divide it into four posts over the next few Mondays–this one (Cuzco), the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. There may or may not be a few mini posts about textiles (my heart still beats super fast thinking about the glorious weaving and knitting we saw all over the place) and, naturally, food.
And, don’t worry, we are already dreaming about future travel plans (Jamaica? Puerto Rico? New Zealand!?) because once the travel bug bites, it’s downright impossible to ignore.

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