Lake Atitlan | Guatemala via Club Narwhal #travel #guatemala
Surrounded by volcanoes and beautiful villages, Lake Atitlan is the definition of swoon.
It was the perfect retreat after being robbed. While we were devastated that our camera was stolen (all these photos are from my phone), at least we could lick our wounds in paradise. It didn’t hurt that we set up camp at a ridiculously tranquil lodge and spent hours walking and boating from dock to
dock, village to village, eating fresh mangoes, and listening to the

Isla Verde | Lake Atitlan Guatemala #travel
We found Isla Verde using AirBnB (which we have used to book places all over the world and just plain love). Since it’s located in a teensy town, you just ask one of the public boat taxis to drop you off at its private dock. And then you climb and climb to reach one of the gorgeous cabins that overlooks a view that made me want to stay forever.
While some might find Isla Verde’s isolation a little much, it was perfect for us, especially since they made the most amazing meals in their Slow Kitchen (local, from scratch cooking never fails to lift my spirits). I mean, when you have amazing views, good food, and total peace, it’s hard not to fall a bit in love.
Lake Atitlan | Guatemala via Club Narwhal #travel #guatemala
Lake Atitlan | Guatemala via Club Narwhal #travel #guatemala
Lake Atitlan | Guatemala via Club Narwhal #travel #guatemala
While we only spent an evening at this lovely retreat,  it was enough to convince us that someday we need to buy a little plot of lakeside property and spend our summers at Lake Atitlan writing, swimming, and cooking. Sounds like total bliss, right?
Lake Atitlan | Guatemala via Club Narwhal #travel #guatemala
We are so glad that we were able to visit Guatemala and I wish we had more photos to share. Someday I will post a few pictures from the weaving class we took but until then, we are rushing around packing for our trip to Peru!
Lake Atitlan | Guatemala via Club Narwhal #travel #guatemala
Some of you might be wondering why we are jet setting this summer. Long story short, we were
lucky enough to be on an overbooked flight to Orlando last Christmas and
our airline gave us two sets of free round trip tickets; hence,
Guatemala and now Peru!

you ever been to Peru? Any suggestions? It has been my lifelong goal to
visit Machu Picchu. And you can bet that I will be reading some of my
favorite poems from Pablo Neruda’s The Heights of Machu Picchu like the starry eyed former Literature major that I am.

PS: As with Guatemala, I won’t be posting very much while we are in Peru.  But I will be sharing photos on Instagram so feel free to follow along (@amyleescott)! 

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