Pie & Tie Dye Party | A fun and easy way to celebrate summer!
So, I maybe turned thirty last Saturday. And I maybe went a leeetle overboard in celebrating. But, I mean, you only turn thirty once!
Channeling my inner party planner and the epic themed parties of my youth, I invited some of my lady friends over for a Pie & Tie Dye Birthday Bash. Because what better way is there to celebrate turning thirty and summer solstice? Plus, it was fun to pretend that we were at a grown up version of summer camp.
Pie and Tie Dye Party | Gather your gal pals for a fun summer party!
If we’re Instagram pals, you probably saw some of my wannabe-shibori practice rounds. We went the cheater route and used Rit Navy Dye but I think it produces a beautiful indigo. The trick to getting really deep blues is to use boiling hot water and a cup of salt. Also, double the amount of dye. Otherwise the blue will be a little weak. I boiled a large stockpot of water (maybe 2-3 gallons) and added a whole bottle of dye.

I loved seeing all the different dye designs, though the dip dye stripes (courtesy Martha Stewart, naturally) are probably my favorite. You just accordion fold the cloth (we used cheap cotton flour sacks) and dip the folded side in the dye for 10-15 minutes.

Pie & Tie Dye Party | Use navy dye to get a shibori effect
Warren was such a champ and dove right into the festivities, even going so far as to build me my dream picnic table and benches. I have always wanted a ginormous table to gather friends around and Warren made my vision a reality. This was his first wood working project and we absolutely adore how it came out. We used Ana White’s Farmhouse Table with Pocket Holes as a jumping off point and used our own plans (i.e., a rough sketch I made and handed over to Warren) for the benches.

Since our house is too small to store the massive table, we made the top detachable. It sits on two saw horses and screws right in for stability. I am so glad we went with Minwax’s Early American stain. It is perfection.
Pie & Tie Dye Summer Party | The perfect summer evening with gorgeous blue hues
To create a summery ambiance, we bought two strands of string lights from Target and strung them up between our neighbor’s fence and two tall heavy duty garden poles. I then spent two episodes of Ugly Betty stapling dip dyed coffee filters to string to create pretty garlands. Don’t you love when inexpensive things have a high impact result?
Pie & Tie Dye Party | Every summer evening should be just like this
And of course we had to serve Thai food to keep with the Tie Dye theme. I whipped a big batch of my favorite Thai Chicken Satay Salad, spring rolls, and mini chicken skewers. The best part about all of it is that it can be made a day or two in advance and then just assembled before the party. Makes everything go so much smoother!

Perfect Summer Party | Gold flatware, ombre plates, and Thai Chicken Satay Salad
Perfect Summer Party | Indigo table runner, Moroccan lamps, and family style dining
Dip Dye Coffee Filter Garland | Staple dyed filters to string for a pretty summer garland
After seeing all the gorgeous tassels and bon-bon-es (giant yarn poufs) in Peru, I had to tassel-fy everything in sight.
Summer Dining | Pretty place settings, mason jars, and Moroccan lanterns
DIY Tie Dye Table Runner with Tassels
I can’t tell you how much I adore these ladies. I am so glad we could celebrate together. It just warmed my heart to no end.
Pie & Tie Dye Party | Every summer evening should be just like this
 Dip Dye Coffee Filter Garland | Staple dyed filters to string for a pretty summer garland
Okay, and let’s talk about these amazing pies Warren made for the occasion. I will never forget our first summer in Michigan because that is when he got serious about the Art of Pie. Warren spent the summer perfecting his dough technique and experimenting with all sorts of fillings. And then he branched out and starting making other glorious pastries like Apple Turnovers and Triple Berry Tarts. Yep, he’s a keeper.
With a little art direction from me (i.e., the crazy lady shouting–Must Make Braided Crusts! And Hearts! And Dots!), he made the most gorgeous trio of fruit pies–strawberry rhubarb (our favorite), peach, and a lovely gluten free blueberry pie. Masterful, right? I’ll put the recipes up in a few weeks.
Leftovers need to be made into Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Ice Cream and Pie Shakes, ASAP!
A Gorgeous Fruit Pie Trio | Summer never looked so good!


My favorite part was when dusk fell and the candles and string lights worked their magic.
Summer Dining | Moroccan lanterns and gold flatware
Pie & Tie Dye Party | Every summer evening should be just like this
Pie & Tie Dye Party | Every summer evening should be just like this
So there you have it, a lovely summer party with lovely people and food. I think this is how we should spend every evening this summer. And anyway, thirty is already looking real good.

How do you celebrate birthdays? Any fun traditions?

 Here are some of the recipes that inspired the food behind this party:

Thai Chicken Satay Salad

Thai Chicken Satay Salad #thai

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Ice Cream

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Ice Cream #icecream

Triple Berry Tarts


Easy Triple Berry Tarts

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