Oh, Canada indeed! A few weeks ago we went to Sault Ste. Marie, AKA “The Soo,” (a town that straddles the border between Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Canada) for Warren’s birthday. The colors were unbelievably vivid, especially when we got into Canada. The rolling hills looked looked like a sea of gorgeous fire.

We didn’t spend much time in Sault Ste. Marie and instead chose to drive up the coast of Lake Superior  where I immediately made Warren pull over (you know how I’m always making Warren pull over) because I saw this:
I mean, if you don’t stop for that, what will you stop for? And thank goodness we did because it ended up being the best kind of tourist trap, filled with all sorts of crazy wooden statues, totem poles (naturally), and a path of painted moose tracks. Creepy and amazing, right?
We also learned that maple leaves make great accessories.
It’s kind of impossible to describe just how gorgeous it is up in the Great White North. Because Lake Superior’s coast is kind of a dreamboat. It basically looked like this:
For miles and miles and miles. It also abounds with waterfalls:
And little lonely side streets covered with blankets of fallen leaves:
Good job, Canada.
Every year in lieu of gifts we try to do something fun for our birthdays (this year we happened to be in Peru for my birthday–which was a pretty great follow up to the year before, when we happened to be in Hawaii). Last year for Warren’s birthday we went to the lovely Bruce Peninsula, another Canadian gem.  Next year, Warren’s heart is set on Canada’s Polar Bear Park, which is, oh, 30 hours north of us. We’ll figure it out.
Anyway, I really wanted to take him to see the famous Ojibwe pictographs at Agawa rock (because, come on, how cool is that!?) but we found out too late that the park service had taken down the protective chains and closed the sight for the season.
If it wasn’t so stormy, we would have braved inching along the precipice to see the paintings (they’re painted on the flat face of the cliff in the photo below). We’ll just have to go back another year, I guess.
PS: Those
ropes you see in the above photo? Just a thoughtful gift from the park
service, just in case you need to heave yourself back onto dry land
after falling into Lake Superior. Those waves were not messing around.
But no worries, we ended up hiking for a few hours around Orphan Lake, which was muddy but fun and had insanely picturesque vistas comme ca (which you may recall from Instagram).
I also took pretty much every opportunity to pose like a gargoyle on said vistas.
But really, that view!
Warren took every opportunity to skip rocks and look like a lumberjack. I feel like this is a great candidate for an L.L. Bean catalog. Like: no big deal, just super casually skipping rocks in my lumberjack shirt, folks.
I’m sure one day L.L. Bean will thank me for documenting a perfect flannel-clad moment such as this. Oh, and I love this action shot because of that perfect little splash.
Of course, there were more waterfalls, because Canada believes in being amazing.
While the Soo is a bit of a haul from us, it was totally worth it. Even if the weather forecast predicted snowflakes (yes, it was that cold in early October). Luckily, Warren had his lovely knitted cap he bought on a Peruvian island filled with knitting men. I forgot to post photos of it during the summer but, believe me, it was awesome. Just like Canada!
Do you have any fun birthday traditions? Also, do you think we should attempt Polar Bear Park next year? There are no actual roads to the place but that shouldn’t be a big deal…right?

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