Skinny Texas Cheese Fries | Everyone's favorite snack lightened up!
Okay, raise your hand if you want to face plant into this gorgeous, cheesy, spicy skillet of Skinny Texas Cheese Fries!? This is quite possibly our favorite thing to make, ever. It satisfies both Warren’s crazy potato obsession and my salt tooth (give me french fries over cookies any day), and we forget that they aren’t fried because we are so distracted by all the goodies gracing the roasted potatoes.
I get a little weak in the knees when I see big trays of potatoes getting ready to be roasted. Especially when they’re coated with all sorts of delicious southwestern spices.
Roasted Red Potatoes
Because I know that it’s only a matter of time before that tray of goodness transforms into this sizzling skillet. Is there anything cheese can’t fix?


Skinny Texas Cheese Fries | Everyone's favorite snack lightened up!
I am so excited to share this recipe over on The NY Melrose Family today. Jenny is a doll and I love this healthy snack series she is kicking off. Because after a few months of indulging in, you know, Peppermint Brownie Trifles and Mini Churro Muffins and the like, I could, like, rein it in.
I guess.


Skinny Texas Cheese Fries | Everyone's favorite snack lightened up!
Luckily these bad boys don’t taste the least bit healthy–but they are! Well, mostly. And if you top it with a few fried eggs, you’ve got a freaky good breakfast (or breakfast for dinner) going on.
Hop on over to The NY Melrose Family to check out how it’s done!
Finally, I’m so excited to be part of Jenny’s Ninja Supra Kitchen System giveaway! I use our Ninja Master Prep (it’s not as fancy as this one but it gets the job done) every single day and fell in love with the giveaway blender at my sister’s over the holidays. Our Master Prep is on its last legs and I can’t wait to upgrade to this blender because it is amazing. It crushes ice like it’s no big thing. Enter to win below!

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P.S. I really missed you guys over break and I’m so excited to hang out with you again! Now that Michigan is being accosted by winter, I’m also really missing that warm Florida sun… Hope you all had very happy and lovely holidays!


Skinny Texas Cheese Fries | Everyone's favorite snack lightened up!

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