Just wanted to let all of you dear friends know that we’ve been baking up a pretty sweet treat these past few months! 
I’m five and a half months along and the news still hasn’t sunk in. Mostly because I am not quite showing and I have had essentially nonexistent symptoms this entire time. My sister calls me the Unicorn Pregnancy–the mythical ideal that we have all heard tales of but have never seen with our own eyes. 
In fact, my symptoms have been so minimal that Warren and I joke that I could totally be on I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant–except for the teensy tiny fact that science has proven time and time again that I am, indeed, pregnant. 
Minor detail.
Of course, not having symptoms brings its own set of concerns as I’m constantly freaked out that something is Oh So Very Wrong (which is part of the reason why we’ve kept the news under wraps for this long. That, and it was so fun to keep this little secret just between us and our families). 
Long story short, this summer is going to be quite the ride!
And here are some more random pieces of pregnancy-associated information for posterity’s sake:
-I’m 22 weeks along and baby is apparently the size of a spaghetti squash. This seems completely unfathomable to me.
-Since the little dude’s taste buds are pricking up, I’ve been eating all the food Warren hates (and I love) in an effort to gestationally predispose the baby to like stuff like seafood, salad, and almonds.
-I haven’t had any crazy cravings, but pretty much the only thing I wanted to eat for two straight weeks early on were Loaded Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and potato chips. Also, the baby apparently really likes pizza. Teach ’em young, I say!
-I have always been on the fence about having children (is that terrible to say out loud? Please tell me I’m not alone here…) so I’m super nervous about pretty much everything involved with birthing this guy and raising him. Luckily Warren is a Children Whisperer–seriously, all tiny humans love that man–so I’m hoping that will balance things out. And I also hear hopeful news that you love your child no matter what–that’s got to be a real thing for a reason, right?
-I am already very worried about the state of this child’s hair. With my crazy thick Asian hair and Warren’s crazy thick curly ginger fro, there is just no winning đŸ™‚
-I am ever more convinced that all good news should be delivered via sugar cookies. I’ll be sharing this recipe in a few weeks–it is the best!
And that’s that!

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