Easy Vegetarian Pad See Ew
When I’m at a Thai restaurant I always forget about Pad See Ew, mostly because I’m way too busy snarfing down a ginormous plate of Pad Thai or Drunken Noodles. But I had no idea just how easy it is to make these crazy tasty noodles at home!

While it’s true that rice noodles look kind of tentacle-y in their unsauced state, they are totally the way to go for stirfries because they absorb all that gorgeous sauce so perfectly. So embrace those tentacles on your Pad See Ew journey.
Rice Noodles
Okay, so you all know that I am a major carnivore (I could pretty much live solely on these Sweet and Spicy Shredded Beef Tacos forever and ever amen) but lately I’ve been craving tofu like it’s my job!
Especially if said tofu is tossed with crunchy broccoli rabe and a mess load of noodles.
Also, I’m positive this dish would taste good with any green (or otherwise) veggie–but broccoli rabe just looks so good in photos, you know? I’m dying to try this again with some asparagus and baby bok choy.
Easy Vegetarian Pad See Ew
I wasn’t sure how Warren would feel about this dish but he went crazy for it.
But I have a confession: I mostly made this as an excuse to mock Warren’s chopstick usage, because that’s just the kind of sweet loving wife I am (imagine me sarcastic-winking and flashing you a finger gun right about now).
I could not stop laughing watching that man try to pick up the slippery noodles with those gleaming chopsticks (courtesy of our trip to Korea all those years ago). Unfortunately, the photos don’t quite capture just how awkward he looked so you’ll just have to take my word on it.
But believe me, it was a sight to behold.
Easy Vegetarian Pad See Ew
Check out the recipe for this Easy Vegetarian Pad See Ew recipe over on The Collaboreat!
P.S. Pretty sure these noodles would be BFFs with my Easy Thai Green Curry!

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