Mexico | Tulum Ruins
Oh, Tulum! What a glorious, glorious place. What with its white sand beach, crashing waves, and all sorts of cliffside ocean views. I can totally see why Mayans set up camp here. True, it’s got nothing on Tikal or Copan  (and yes, my heart still weeps over our stolen camera because we have basically no photos of those beautiful ruins)–but man, Tulum wins on the location front for sure.

Tulum Ruins | Mexcio
I mean, really? Slow clap, Tulum, slow clap indeed.
Tulum Ruins | Mexcio
For whatever reason, in college I got super into Latin American history and studied with a professor who was all kinds of an expert when it came to the Mayan civilization. I remember gazing at photo after photo of ruins and telling myself that, yes, one day I would see them.
It only took a decade, but it was so worth the wait.
View from Tulum Ruins
Also, I wasn’t kidding about the iguanas I mentioned last week. They are essentially like squirrels–just absolutely everywhere in the ruins. We loved seeing them perched on top of the ruins because they blended right in with the rocks so they looked like they were part of the ruins themselves.
This guy was a big honker and super protective of his territory. Though that didn’t stop a scrappy three-legged one from trying to get all up in his grill. Maybe that’s how it lost that leg?
Iguana at Tulum Ruins
Tulum Ruins | Mexcio
This guy is just the corner of a building. Because why not?
Tulum Ruins | Mexcio
Yep, pregnant. Probably the only photo from the past 32 weeks that actually looks like I am kind of pregnant. I’m posting it here as historic proof.
Tulum Ruins | Mexcio
And how could I not leave photographic evidence of Warren’s infamous fisherman’s cap? That hat is the bane of my existence and Warren takes endless joy in wearing it on all our travels. Remember when he sported it in Machu Picchu, as a tribute to when he purchased it there years ago? Do you see how much glee he takes in wearing it? Horrific 🙂
Tulum Ruins | Mexcio
After we explored Tulum, we went to Playa Torgugas to swim with the sea turtles! And, guys, they are so amazing, beautiful, gentle, and all around awesome. Some of them were so large you could basically set your dinner table on their shells. I loved how chill they were, just grazing on the sea grass without even batting an eye at all the crazy humans splashing over them.

I don’t know why it is so fun to swim with large water creatures (one of the best days of my life was when we swam with manatees in Florida) but I just can’t get enough! One day I’ll swim with whale sharks. It was out of season this trip, or else I would have been all over that.

Tortugas Beach | Mexico
Oh, and this is a view from our AirBNB balcony. We highly approved.
Well, that’s a wrap from Cancun. It was such a lovely babymoon and I love that I’ve still got tan lines from the trip. Especially since the sun has virtually disappeared these last few days in Michigan.

Isla Mjueres | Cancun

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