Detroit City Guide | Club Narwhal for Feast & West
Oh, man, it’s been a long time since I did a Michigan Monday post–I think the last time I posted a Michigan adventure was when we took some friends to Sleeping Bear Dunes last fall!
We were lucky enough to have some dear friends visit a few weeks ago and took them to some of our favorite Detroit haunts–most of our exploring involved food because these friends are majorly into food, just like us (they even brought us the most lovely purple asparagus straight from the Madison farmer’s market) but we did manage to squirrel in some of our favorite urban art spots.
Detroit City Guide | Club Narwhal for Feast & West
Detroit knows street art so well.
We love Dabl’s Bead Museum and the fascinating installations he has created over the years. I’ll have to do a more intensive post dedicated solely to Dabl but suffice it to say, he and his project are awesome.
Detroit City Guide | Dabl's Bead Museum
Anyway, I am delighted to share a Detroit City Guide on the lovely Susannah’s blog, Feast & West. Hop on over to get a peek into our favorite places to eat, shop, and visit!
I don’t consider myself a Detroit connoisseur by any means, but I love a good challenge. And getting to know Detroit–all its hidden gems–is a challenge worth undertaking.
Detroit City Guide | Dabl's Bead Museum

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