Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream

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Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream combines Monster Cereal muddy buddies and marshmallow cream for a fun sweet treat the whole family will love!
Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream | The perfect sweet treat for fall! #SpooktacularSnacks #ad
When I was a kid we weren’t allowed to have sugar cereal.

It was the worst.

So morning after morning my six siblings and I would slog our way through bowls of plain shredded wheat or bran flakes while weeping in our hearts. It was a sad life we lived, my friends.
However, we were granted sugar cereal rights once–and only once–during the year. For our birthday we were allowed to buy our favorite cereal, an occasion that had me making Sugar Cereal Brackets each year to see which would win the coveted spot in our pantry. Of course, after I got my birthday box, I would hoard it as long as possible, guarding the treasure with the territorial zeal of a wild animal. 
Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream | The perfect sweet treat for the whole family! #SpooktacularSnacks #ad
The thing I loved most about sugar cereal was the delicious sweet, almost caramelized, milk that was left behind. I let my cereal soak as long as I dared (without being late for school) to get the maximum saturation. And then I would slurp the cereal milk down with the practiced air of a sommelier.

I have long wanted to try my hand at ice-cream-ifying the glorious flavor of cereal milk and thought one of my childhood favorites would be a prime candidate. Enter Count Chocula®, the spookiest of the Spooktacular Snacks/Monster Cereal trio (IMHO, natch), a chocolatey marshmallowy bowl of awesome that comes but once a year–just like my sugar cereal birthdays of old!

Pretty much the second I learned Monster Cereal was back on the shelves at Target (AKA, my beloved Mother Ship), I pounced. And there they were–Count Chocula, Boo Berry®, and Franken Berry®–just chilling by the freezer aisle waiting for me like long lost friends.
Monster Cereal is finally back at Target! | #spooktacularsnacks #ad
Warren was beyond mortified that I made him document this moment of me rejoicing over cereal but I 110% did not care.

Because Monster Cereal! It’s what Halloween is made of! Especially since Target’s Monster Cereal has the best cereal box backs (remember reading those as kids?)–each flavor has one of the pieces to build this adorably spooky castle, which made my inner child turn cartwheels.
Exclusive Monster Cereal Target Castle | #spooktacularsnacks #ad
And while I love making ice cream from scratch (I’m looking at you, Cake Batter Truffle Ice Cream and Dulce de Leche), I weeded out a few steps by making this easy no churn version–which is seriously as easy as whipping cream.

I had to capture the cereal milk flavor I love so much so I let Count Chocula soak in the cream before whipping it, then folded in a can of sweetened condensed milk and a bit of cocoa powder.

Presto, whamo: ice cream.

It is literally that easy.
How to Make Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream | #spooktaculartreats #monstercereal #ad
Of course, you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone and had to fold in a few more bits of awesome, my favorite bit being muddy buddies made with Count Chocula cereal.

Game. Changer.

I used Betty Crocker’s perfect recipe and now must muddy-buddy (yes, that is a new verb) everything!
Easy Monster Cereal Muddy Buddies | The perfect sweet treat! #spooktacularsnacks #monstercereal #ad
Anyway, Count Chocula Muddy Buddies bring the right amount of crunch to the smooth-as-silk cereal milk ice cream.

To bring out the marshmallow-y part of Count Chocula, I couldn’t resist dabbing a few dollops (read: an entire jar) of marshmallow cream alongside the rest of the goodies.

The flavors and crunch reminded me of an amped up rocky road, which is kind of perfect in my book.
Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream | The perfect sweet treat for fall! #SpooktacularSnacks #ad
Warren could not get over how silky smooth the no churn cereal milk base was. He even sacrificed his very last lactase tablet so he could eat a few scoops of this, despite his lactose intolerance.

(He’s not a bad hand model, either, right?)
Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream |A sweet treat for the whole family! #SpooktacularSnacks #ad
And here are the muddy buddies pal-ing around with Count Chocula cereal.

I’m a total sucker for any and all tiny marshmallows.
Count Chocula Cereal | #spooktacularsnacks #monstercereal #ad
I still can’t believe it’s almost Halloween, which means it’s basically the holiday season and the Christmas music* can begin!

What sort of sweet treats are you baking up this week?

(*I tend to fall in the “go big or go home” camp when it comes to holiday celebrations. It’s all I can do to resist cranking up the carols once July hits–so the day after Halloween I’m busting out my Mariah Carey Christmas CDs. I obviously have no shame at all!)
Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream | The perfect sweet treat for the whole family! #SpooktacularSnacks #ad

Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream combines the smoothest tasting cereal milk ice cream with Count Chocula® muddy buddies and marshmallow cream for a fun sweet treat the whole family will love!
Recipe type: Ice Cream
Serves: 2 pints
  • For the Easy No Churn Monster Cereal Ice Cream
  • 2 cups heavy cream, cold
  • 2 cups Count Chocula Monster Cereal
  • ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1½ - 2 cups Count Chocula Muddy Buddies (recipe below)*
  • 1 7-ounce jar marshmallow cream
  • For the Count Chocula Muddy Buddies
  • 2 cups Count Chocula Cereal
  • ¼ cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon butter or margarine
  • ⅓ cup powdered sugar
  1. To make the no churn ice cream, pour cream into a large glass bowl and add Count Chocula. Let cereal sit until it gets soggy, about 10 minutes. As you wait, make a batch of Count Chocula Muddy Buddies.
  2. To make Count Chocula Muddy Buddies, put the chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter in a medium glass bowl and microwave on high for one minute. Stir the contents, then microwave for 30 seconds more. Pour Count Chocula into the melted mixture and stir until evenly coated. Transfer mixed cereal into a 2-gallon resealable plastic bag. Add powdered sugar and shake until cereal is coated. Put in the refrigerator until ready to assemble the ice cream.
  3. Use a strainer to remove Count Chocula from the bowl of cream, leaving behind a bowl of delicious cereal cream. Use a hand mixer on high to whip cereal cream until soft peaks form, about 3-4 minutes. Fold in sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder. Whip all ingredients again to fully incorporate, about 1 more minute.
  4. To assemble the ice cream, line a bread pan with wax paper. Sprinkle ⅓ of the Count Chocula Muddy Buddies on the bottom of the pan. Spoon ⅓ of the ice cream mixture on top. Dot ⅓ of the marshmallow cream on top of the ice cream and swirl with a knife. Repeat two more times, ending with a layer of muddy buddies (see above Gif for a visual).
  5. Wrap pan in plastic wrap and freeze for at least four hours. Set on the counter for 10 minutes before serving.
*Play around with flavors by making muddy buddies with other Monster Cereals! How fun would Boo Berry® or Franken Berry® muddy buddies be with berry jam and marshmallow cream!?

Count Chocula Muddy Buddies adapted from Betty Crocker
No Churn Ice Cream adapted from The Kitchn

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  1. says

    Weeping in your heart? I love it! Where has your blog been all my life? I love your writing style. Pinning this for sure. Following you on pinterest and g+. Also subscribing. I promise I won’t get creepy. Enjoy your cereal!

    • amyleescott says

      Thanks, Jen! Count Chocula was one of my faves as a kid so it was so fun to have it back in my life in ice cream form 😉

  2. says

    Um yesssss to all of this! I don’t really like monster cereals but even so, I was STOKED when I heard they were back in stores. FYI my pick was always, always Trix or cocoa puffs. Putting them in ice cream is genius!!

  3. says

    Soooo….just a warning….I’m coming over like…NOW! This recipe is bomb.com on so many levels. Firstly, sugary cereal is my guiltiest pleasure. I mean, it’s right up there with Oreos. I never ever buy cereal (or Oreos) because I just can’t be trusted with them…they taunt me and tempt me every time I have them in the pantry so you know…what you can’t see, you won’t crave….until you stumble upon Amy’s blog and die of cereal happiness. This is freakin amazing. I love any and all sugary cereal, especially chocolate-y ones like this! I love that you soaked the cereal for ultimate cereal milk flavor. And the added muddy buddies are such a great crunch factor. I’m swooning over this! I wonder if I could do this with Cocoa Puffs? 😀

    P.S. The back of cereal boxes are the best! Also, when I think about all the foods my mom bought me as a kid, I question her parenting choices. But she says I was a sugar monster and went crazy for cereal, pop tarts, Oreos, fruit roll ups…basically anything that had sugar I was like MINE! :p

    • amyleescott says

      Oh man, you are welcome any day, Beeta! Imagine all the good cooking we could do together 😉 Isn’t it strange that when you become an adult some of the things you loved as a kid you just resist–like when I became and adult and could finally buy all the donuts I wanted, I was sad to discover that I only wanted ONE. The inner child in my died that day 😉 I love that this ice cream works with any sugar cereal so you can mix in your favorite! Cocoa Puffs would be AMAZING with this since the milk gets super chocolatey. You probably wouldn’t have to add the cocoa powder at all!

  4. says

    Ooh, yum! I wasn’t allowed to eat sugary cereal growing up, either. We always had plain Cheerios. But once I left for college I spent a good month eating Lucky Charms every morning for breakfast.

    • amyleescott says

      Oh man, I’m so glad I wasn’t alone in the no sugar cereal world (a sad place to be ;). That sounds like a great month!

  5. says

    Haha oh my goodness sugary cereal milk was like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! And you used Count Chocula cereal milk to make ice cream? Oh girl that is why you totally steal my heart and make my stomach grumble every time I come here! So freakin’ brilliant and looks beyond my wildest cereal and ice cream dreams! <3

    • amyleescott says

      You are so sweet, Kelly! And you’re exactly right–sugary cereal = pot of gold to my childhood brain 😉 I kind of want to try cereal milk from every sugary cereal to make more versions of this ice cream!


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